About Astmar Events

“What is Astmar Events?” you might wonder. Astmar Events is planning and organizing all kinds of events. Both under the very own brand, but also for companies, private parties and activities. The company is managed by Adam Åstmar (AKA Astmar). He’s thereby planning and executing all forms of events for a variety of audiences.

Adam Åstmar started in this business in 2016. He has since then developed a good understanding and powerful toolkit to manage, execute and fulfill all kinds of events. Those would be events he himself has developed and also been taking over. With this toolkit, new strategies and new ideas is being brought into the market, with fair success.

Currently Astmar Events is managed by Adam only and he’s aiming to develop more of the company in the future.

Astmar Events is managed under Astmar Entertainment and is a sub-category of Adam Åstmar’s official Company. Currently Astmar Entertainment is mainly focused on Linedance activities and bookings, but is also here aiming to develop in the future!

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